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I purchased the trial amount for $4.95 and paid for an additional eye cream and ProSerum cream that was recommended for optimal results. I read the fine print to make sure this wouldn't lead to additional charges or monthly shipments.

I was duped! This site is truly deceptive. 1 week after I rec'd the order, I was charged $98.41 and $97.41 from 2 different names associated with Bella Labs. I called on the charges and a man called back saying he could reduce the charge by 50% and my monthly shipments could be reduced as well!!!

MONTHLY SHIPMENTS!! So they ARE planning on continuing to ship and charge my account. Not acceptable. I am returning it for a full refund.

I rec'd RNA # but he said I won't receive my refund for 1 month. And they will cancel monthly shipments.

From what I am reading, I don't believe I'll receive it. It scares me to keep my account open for another month "waiting" on the refund.

Marsha_Duregger.0-5 wrote the review because of pricing issue at Bella Vita and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Bella Vita to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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If you look around online there are hundreds of complaints from people who have experienced the exact same thing. I think a class action lawsuit would be something we could pursue. Does anyone know how we go about doing that?


They did the exact same scam on me and Im still trying to get my money back. When offerring fifty percent back I got pissed and yelled "I didnt order anything and now its a deal to pay half price for *** I never ordered." If suing Im in.

These bad practices are why more people dont purchase online.that includes me from now on. if I can help round up these outlaws!


this also happened to me causing mr

me to not have sufficient funds then for my house payment and noe they vr initiated foreclosure o me! all brcuz of the deceptive fkg bella labs!

i bought their $4,95 trisl. made *** sure rgere was no strings attached! and tgey stiml got swatmy with ut! tge banks pd them rveb after i cancelled my debut card so i closed out my bank account too!.

this isnt tge first ti.e this sort if thing and wirse has happened to me! i havent had a bank account for over a yr due to to the fraydulent charges the bank before were charging me fir a cell phone that wasnt even mine! i lost over $1500 that time and they sed they coyldnymt reimburse me becayse tgey voykd only go bsck tge last 39 days! i think it was one if the bank tellers doing it!

im fed ip with being everybody and their dogs little ***! i want to sue bella labs! also it is false false false advertising! their lotion isnt aby better thsn what u xan get at the dollar store!

they smdix thus to my mom too.

o have to wonder just how many women got rippex iff hatxcore by this deceptive scam lying fraudulent *** scam operatio called bella labs! and my moms on social security#muziquz

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